Welcome - Next steps:
Below is the process required for submission to a lender to seek approval. We have listed the supporting documents required and outlined any fees and charges. If you have any questions or queries about any of the below information please do not hesitate to contact me directly at adam@regionalfinancebrokers.com.au | call 02 6885 0588 | TXT 0419 368 476

Your checklist :


1. Sign the Privacy Form

  • each applicant will be sent a privacy document to review and sign via Docusign


2. Sign the Credit Quote

  • each applicant will be sent a credit quote document to review and sign via Docusign

3. Access our Portal form and complete your personal details 
A nominated applicant will receive an SMS Code and a Unique Secure Link to provide the required information, this could take 5-10 minutes:

  • Personal details

  • Employment / Income

  • Living expenses estimations

  • Assets and liabilities - value estimates

Please do not be concerned if you miss any specific details, we can review, discuss and assist to complete this during our checking process. 


4. Provide Supporting documents
Below is a general list of lender-required documents to be provided by each applicant, for us to proceed to loan assessment these need to be received to us preferably within 7 days if possible so documents are current:

IDENTIFICATION - to be certified prior to submission to the lender

  1. Drivers licence 

  2. Medicare Card

  3. Passport or Birth certificate 

Who can certify my documents?


  1. 3 most recent payslips

  2. if you are Self-employed, this can vary, we will discuss with you further how to proceed


BANK STATEMENTS -   *preferred link 

  1. 3 months statement for any transactional accounts

  2. 3 months statement for any /Home Loan / Car / Personal Loans & Credit Cards ​etc 

  3. for those with HECS or HELP student debts, Please download the latest MYGOV statement

* The ​most convenient​ ​& secure way​ ​to provide your current bank statements is ​via our encrypted link access:

This link is endorsed by many major banks and lenders, once you click the link, check for your bank or credit union logo, if it is not visible you will be required to locate and provide each formal statement.  The majority of our clients access this link to provide their required formal statements. We apologise that Screenshots,  photos, or double-sided printed statements are unacceptable.

Fees & Charges

Our fee is only payable on loan approval. If for any reason your loan application is unsuccessful there is no charge at all.

We have chosen to be upfront and transparent right from the beginning and outline our fees which are fixed so there are no surprises. We prefer to work with fee-paying clients so we can prioritise and maintain a high level of quality and personalised service rather than take on volume and reduce our service levels.  We charge a small fee of $295* for pre-approvals, full unconditional approvals and resubmission.  *
Other fees may be applicable and are reviewed on a case by case scenario, for complex lending applications, self-employed applicants, low loan values, and clients with a poor credit history. 

We REWARD existing or returning clients with NO charges or fees!  If we have previously or currently facilitated an active mortgage for you, as a returning client we sincerely look forward to assisting you again.