In order to get your loan started all lenders will require evidence and verification of income liabilities and identification.  We have put together a common list that all lenders will request.  This can vary slightly from lender to lender however we will advise if there are any further documents required.


Please email any documents to


If you have any issues retrieving documents please do not hesitate to contact
our office on 02 6885  0588 and we can guide you.


  • Current drivers licence

  • Medicare Card

  • Passport or Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate (if you have changed your name)

Please note -   All original identification Is required to be certified by Regional Finance Brokers or by a JP


  • 3 latest payslips showing employers ABN and your year to date income

  • Self Employed - Please contact to discuss your options for income


The​ ​most convenient​ ​way​ ​to provide your current bank statements is ​to​
1. ​click​ ​on​ bank statements the​ ​link​ below ​
2. ​log ​into​ ​your​ ​relevant​ ​bank/lender​  ( if ​their​ ​logo​ is visible click on this)
3. using your ​own​ ​current​ ​login​ ​details​, access your Bank here securely:​ 

Screenshots and photos of statements are unacceptable to lenders.


if your lender does not have a logo, you can forward any statement to us by email

  • 3 months statement for any transactional accounts 

  • 3 months statement for any /Home Loan / Car / Personal Loans & Credit Cards ​

  • Store cards / Afterpay / Zip Pay or similar statements 

  • HECS or HELP student debts, Please download the latest MYGOV statement

Supporting Documents