Can $25,000 Home Builder be used as a deposit? Questions leave prospective house buyers confused

When single father Ben Duvall heard about the Federal Government's $25,000 HomeBuilder subsidy, he thought it could be the makings of a dream come true.

There's been a frenzy of interest in the Federal Government HomeBuilder plan

But there is confusion over whether the $25,000 grants can go on a deposit

Mortgage brokers say they don't have all the answers would-be clients want

"Getting my own place where my daughters can have their own rooms would be just perfect for me," he said.

"Wouldn't have to be big, just something I could call my own."

Mr Dufall works on a gold mine at Bandya, more than 1,000 kilometres north-east of Perth, on a one-week-on, one-week-off roster.

Despite being on a mining wage, the 42-year-old's divorce seven years ago has left him with few savings, so he has been trying to find out if the money on offer from the Government could go towards a deposit for a new home.

"I might work up north, but after child support's paid, you're paying nearly 50 cents in the dollar in tax. There's not a lot leftover and particularly in regard to saving up for a deposit for a house," he said.

"I was scouring the papers and I was scouring the internet, couldn't find any information as to whether or not it could be used as a deposit.

"I've called brokers, I've called the banks and no-one seems to know what's going on with it."